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Yago: *a few minutes later* Ah geez, what was that? *eyes the figure now even more clearly......Damn I haven't seen that! The guy got really overconfident now did he? Well, he's gonna wish he never met Yago "Lightning man" Goml.......*Raises Tenloss Blade to ultimate full power, 4x wider and 6x longer than the standard length, which is like lightsaber.........Hey you ugly bantha! Come get some!

Figure turns and fires lightning..............

Yago: *A sudden image of lightning appears in his head.* Heh, I use lightning for energy! *Sucks up the energy with the blade, replenishing the huge drop in the last minute. (200 ammo)
Got any more tricks?

OOC: Oh yeah, I'm human, not zabrak..........and before you say he's a bit strong for a human, well, he's a force sensitive, but he disregards it as "sithspit" and he uses passively, and the connection is bigger as he is in more danger.

Sue, it's the American way!- I forgot.

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