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ZOMG It's Kookee!
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battledog, he's not even there yet ^__^

Irvine to Koiet: "No, I guess it the only thing i remember my father giving to me. And as for him, please I really don't want to get on that subject. AS for weapons i keep two blasters, same make and model, accurate for about at most 200 yards, and fast shooting. I've kept one hidden pointing at you, just incase you decided to do something that you'd regret."

*Irvine becomes satisfied, and brings up his blasters upon to the bar.*

Irvine to Koiet: "Sad thing it i herd about these locks, It seems only it'll take a certain group of people to open it, even though that Jedi aren't the easiest to find, and maybe if they'd do something for ya. Bah! Hmm, these beers are kinda harder in the alcohol then I'm used to... What ever, I'm getting my buzz, I'ts fine with me." *Turns to look more directly at Kioet* "You'd said that you have no money and weapony to sell? I guess I'll look to see whatcha got, and maybe full your pockets a little...?"


Ivan to himself in his quarters: "i still don't see why the Emperoir would go for somethign like this, I've been around ever sense his Father was on the throne. its very unbecoming of him to stop right before a military victory..."
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