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*Cracken looked at Flax, and then turned to the Royal Guards*
Make sure Ivan get's back to the Councel Headquarters in the Corperate Sector.
*The Guards move off the shuttle bay deck, and the doors slide behind them. He turned back to Flax, and pulled out a holopad.*

Here's the proposal I have for the Republic. it outlines the new territorial boundries. I know that our respective boarders are reletivly close, however, i've forseen a Imperial Remnant Civil War will most likely break out, hence, i'll need the shipyards of Kuat and Bilbringi.

*He points to the text*

Here outlines the new alliance between the Republic and the Remnant Loyalists. We will help you rebuild your navies and armies, and in return, ask aid in the war if needed. Also, we'll open our research facilities to your scientists as mutual research for new technologies. We also wish to be able to maintain our Navy and Army, as it's a standing tradition of the Imperial State.

*He looked Flax in the eye*
The people are tired of war with the Republic, they wish for nothing more than peace, and finally, so do I. No more Super weapons, no more plays for power. These worlds want our protection, and have openly asked for it. Also, unlimited migration between our respective states will be allowed, no boarder checks, just a simple passport. Full co-operation, Flax, no more war with us.

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