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Irvine: "Interesting character..."

*Irvine stands up, and walks out of the bar, brushing up agenst a cartain Cantiner.*


*While at the same time, Ivan Cracern is on his shuttle in route back to the Imperial Council HQ*

*Ivan opens a comm link to a fellow council leader.*

Ivan over comm: "This is surprime Council Member Ivan Cracern. Sorry to be so formal but i have serious doubts on this treaty."

Coucil Member Ravan Dorcan: "Thats alright Ivan. Like you, the rest of the council are not agreeing with Lord Cracken's wanting a treaty as soon as the War would have been over. Theres no reason to it..."

Ivan over comm: "I know, Thats why as soon as I get Back i want a council meeting."

Ravan over comm: "Yes, i understand, I shall prepare the Council and wait for your arrival..."

*Ivan closes the Channel and continues to think about doubts that his Lord Cracken is doing...*
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