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*Flax looks over the treaty, and heads his ship, most likely to communique with The Chief of State. Cracken turns to Tojo*

Tojo: do you really think this will lead to a war if they agree?

Cracken: yes, the Councel still clings to the old hatreds, i doubt that they will stand for this. Also, i sense they feel i've become weak, going for peace instead of total victory.
What of teh Super Star Destroyer Vengence, is she near completion?

Tojo: Yessir, her final outfits are being made at Bilbringi, her maiden voyage was sucessful.

Cracken: Good.

*Cracken and Tojo wait... anxious of the answer.....*

((OOS: bout time i introduce my Admiral....))

Name: Grand Admiral Tojo
Age: 45 years
Race: Human
Abilities: Master tactician, control of the Imperial Navy, under the Emperor
Bio: Tojo was a mear Admiral when the loss at Endor occured, since then, he escaped, and was in hiding until Cracken tried to resume the throne, and his playfor pwoer. Since then, he's developed a 6th sense for battle, and ruthless efficiancy and cunning. Promoted to Grand Admiral, he now controls the Imperial Navy, relaying orders from his Emperor, who he is uptmost loyal to.

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