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*Sleipnir enters Asgard's atmosphere and settles gentle down on the Palace Landing Field. Odin, Vidar, and Heimdall step out, to be greeted Frigg (Odin's Wife), Tyr (Odin's son), Brunhilde (captain of the Valkyries), and Sigurd (Captian of the Einherjar).*

Odin: It is good to see all of you again.

Frigg: I've missed you greatly. I'm grateful that you have finally returned. Hello Vidar, Heimdall.

Vidar and Heimdall: Hello mother.

*the group moves toward the palace*

Odin: Brunhilde, tomorrow summon the council, we have matters to discuss.

Brunhilde: It will be done at once my lord.

Odin: Thank you. How have you been Sigurd?

*Brunhilde leaves to attend to Odin's command*

Sigurd: Well my lord. The Einherjar are gladen by your return.

Tyr: There is going to be a feast tonight to celebrate your return. The Einherjar wouldn't settle for anything less.

Vidar: Come brothers let us give father and mother some time alone.

*Sigurd, Vidar, Heimdall, and Tyr leave Odin and Figg*

Odin: Those are very good boys.

Frigg: Yes, they love you dearly.

Odin: How are you doing?

Frigg: Alright, better now that you have returned.

*The two enter the palace talking about minor things. Later that night a large feast was held.*

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