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*On the Star Destroyer Ivan Carcern Enters the Docking bay, where 'Jokemaster' is Being held up at gun point...*

Ivan: "Im Admiral Ivan Cracern, I Command the forces here in the outer rim. Your a long way from your post Captain Senosiain, Yes, from your Comm chatter you've just decided to give out, we scaned it and confermed who you are... What do you have to say for your self? ...Traitor."

*Before Senosiain, could answer a officer run next to Ivan, and salutes...*

Officer: "Sir! Important news from the Front, Sir!"

Ivan: "Go ahead..."

Officer: "It seems like the Tie Bombers have been destroyed by remaining Febel Forces."

Ivan: "Good, triangulate where and how those TIEs were destroyed and have the Walkers Split up and clse in on them... Now, Traitor, like i asked before, what do you have to say for yourself?"
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