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((OOS: The head of a council wouldn't have control over the council, you know. If the majority opinion overrides him, then he couldn't do much.

btw what do you mean by "should" happen?))

Farran: Of course we will wait for the head of the council. I am only suggesting we tread carefully in this matter. If Cracken is deposed, some of the other, less intelligent members of this council may rush to appoint Cracern as the new Emperor. Cracern would then be in a position to eliminate us, if he so chose.


*Irvine steps out of the bar to see no one in sight. Then someone appeared, out of thin air on the empty street.

It was a strange-looking creature, five feet tall and with black, green-rimmed skin wrinkled like a prune. It looked something like a humanoid lizard*

Creature: "Oh, hello Irvine. How are things going for you? Things aren't going so well for me. Cracken is turning away from the dark side, as I predicted, and as such is, sadly, no longer useful to my great and glorious master Craynor. Your younger self doesn't currently have enough power to fall to darkness. Good thing my master thought ahead, and brought you here for a backup plan!"

*Before Irvine could do anything, the creature held up his hand. Irvine was frozen immobile*

"Naughty, naughty. You gave up your rights when you fell for that silly story about the Revenant and asked to be transported. Yep, story was totally fake, all along. Just to get you right here, at the right time, with the right power level. Such a gullible human. *shakes head* Now don't you feel foolish? won't for long.

"First, time to wipe your pesky memory. So Kid Version doesn't find out anything that could hurt my master's plans."

*Irvine's face twisted in pain, then went blank. His eyes stared ahead into space, as if hypnotized. The creature smiled, pleased.*

"And now, Irvine, it's time to fufill your destiny. Go find your younger self. I know you can sense him. Find him, merge with him, and drag him into darkness."

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