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*a man walks up to Chavo* "Big, green, and belongs to you? I'm afraid you're going to hafta be more specific than that, my friend."

*looks Chavo over* "Hey, have you been around these parts before? You look familiar."


*Starr enters the Correllian Tap Caf as Hal and Alys leave. He walks up to the bartender*

Starr: That couple who just left? Who paid the bill?

Bartender: *suspiciously* Why do you ask?

Starr: I'm with the police. *Starr holds out an empty hand and mimics holding a card. He uses the Force to cause the bartender to see appropriate ID* I need to know the name of the man.

Bartender: Eh...the man paid. His name is down as, uh...Halren Flax. Hey, he's a military Captain. What'd he do?

Starr: Nothing. It's unrelated.

Bartender: *looking closely at Starr* Hey, have I seen your face somewhere...

Starr: *changes the appearance of his face subtley through Force illusion* I don't know, what makes you say that?

Bartender: *looking puzzled* I...uh...never mind. It's been a long day.

Starr: Thanks for your assistance, sir. *Starr mimics putting his card away* You've been a great help.

*Starr walks out of the tap caf. Halren Flax. Halren Flax. Related to that Space Marshall/Jedi that he'd tricked with the illusion of a Sith warrior back when he was keeping up a ruse with Deac and his party before the trap of the Crimson Star? Interesting.

Starr heads to a private spot to make contact with Cracken*

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