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AGE: 11

RACE: Gen Mo'Kai

EQUIPMENT:Green saber, Flak cannon (nicked of UT 2k3 tournament was in prison for 3 days), shield pack, disruptor rifle.

ABILTIES: Mind read, Lightning, grip, jump, push, pull.

This Gen Mo'kai was born on earth though not a human was he. His mother and father were. Some how a piece of Gen mo'Kai DNA Was in his fathers Blood. Thus he was a Gen mo'kai not one trace of human DNA. He was then a outcast hunting for food and surviving on rats and berries. When Selig another Geno Mo'kai but a user of the darkforce adopted him and told him the ways of the dark force and taught him the dark side. IT has been 3 mounths since selig found Motig and already he is a master at the dark side of the force. Now he has killed his mother and father and taken his fathers saber, he is now using it to overcome the light side and defeet his grandfather KYLE KATARN!

He is now in a clan [LFJA] and goes by the name of Sithsniper, he is only called motig when in a tournament, And will kill anyone who makes fun of him.

oh and good thread

Boba fett----Hey jango what say we go hunt some jedis.
Jango fett----umm what u say, yes ye yes in a minute i'm watching a good program on the T.V its about 2 jedis being huning down by two bounty hunters named, Jango and boba wett.
Boba fett----cool let me watch it

My names are ( in MP)





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