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*It was early morning on Asgard when the council meet at Gladsheim. The twelve ruling Aesir sat in their respective seats waiting for Odin to start the session. Odin entered and took his seat at the head of the council.*

Odin: Good morning. I've called the council to discuss a couple of matters. First the Imperial leader Cracken wants peace with the New Republic.

Vidar: His peace proposal will lead to civil war amoung the remaining Imperials. Most of his people are not ready for peace. They still think they can recapture their former glory.

Frey: Vidar is right, this most likely will lead to war, but is that a concern to us?

Heimdall: It won't effect us, but we should watch this very closely. The balance of power will most likely shift in their territories again.

Odin: Heimdall is right. We will watch them closely but nothing more for the time being. Now for the next issue, our recent introduction to the rest of the galaxy.

Freya((Yes this is a different person)): This was unfortunate but there was little we could do.

Odin: I know, but what should we do know.

Vali: Cracken is offering a way for us to slowly fade away. His peace offer will draw attention and then the likely civil war will make most people forget about us. While we watch them we need to keep a ear open for any mention of us.

Frigg: Indeed, the galaxy may only know what our ships look like, but they do not know our true power.

Vidar: And since those ships will soon be cloaked it would be as if we never existed.

Frey: Luckily the scientist prefected cloaking. It is believed that we could cloak a world in a few years time.

Balder: Those people are quick to forget. We will be a distant memory in a few days.

Hermond: While I'm sure some may question who we are, the current events will consume them for a long time. Even if it didn't we would know long before they could find us. It would be best to keep doing what we have been.

*the council nods agreement*

Odin: Speaking of which, any news to report from our watchers?

Indun: A report came in during the feast, I'll give highlights. sith apprentice Starr is searching for Cracken's daughter who is in the company of a Captain Halren Flax. Cracken and a Space Marshall Flax are meeting to discuss the peace treaty. We are getting reports that two Irvi Crackens exists. It is currently being investigated. The Imperial Council is very unhappy with Cracken, they will probably revolt against Cracken. The gargoyle Rwos has left this dimension.

Odin: Thankyou, I'll read the full report later. You have all been very helpful. I've come to my decisions. I want the peace process between the Imperials and the Republic to be watched very closely, and keep an eye out for any mention of us. Hermond if you could tell the appropiate areas.

Hermond: It will be done my lord.

Odin: Thankyou, then we are finished here.

*Odin and the other council members stand and begin to leave*

Indun to Jord: You didn't say anything today. Anything wrong?

Jord: No, I just didn't have anything to add. Odin made the right decisions

*Odin and Tyr walk out talkig*

Tyr: Father any thought about seeding the galaxy?

Odin: Not yet Tyr. We don't have a large enough supply. When the time is right we will do it.

Tyr: Until then we will continue to prepare and stockpile.

Odin: Good, very good.

*they walk off*

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