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@cracken: its happening on tatoonie.
@R15: its happening OUTSIDE kioet's ship
@all: When thinking of good devious diolge, listen to FFVII's 'One Winged Angel'

*The bright light fades as a single form can be seenon one knee with his face pointed down to the ground. with White hair to the length of approx 3ft, and new clothes, the power emenating from this version of Irvine Cracken could even be felt on Gladsheim...*

*The new version stands up. As a sudden wave of energy loss occurs...*

Merged Irvine talking to his self: "ugh! Seems like the amount of power that the younger one wasn't realesed yet. It will grow in time while the power of the Elder one is exsersiced, like teaching its former self how to be, it seems... Very well then, i guess ill just conseal myself for the time being..."

*The newly formed version of Irvine enables himself to have a lesser eminating force power, 'for the time being.' As irvine's shuttle warms up and Irvine force jumps onto the open cargo ramp, and takes off...*

just to make it seem less god mode like, i made it so that his full power cant be achived yet but will eventually as the power of the elder's is used. And currently he's not completey undetectable, just harder to find after his power loss
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