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((OSS: Thanks Redwing, ok so I figure during NJO, otherwise all my charictors are screwed up. I use the same charictors in anothe set of RPGs)

Flax.... I must insist you seed Ithor, Talasea and, when they are recaptured, Aguma (Agamar) and Dathomir. Ithor is a staunchly a Republic world. Talasea is the stepping stone to Pyria (Borelaus), which is of course the gate to Corescant. When Aguma is recaptured, along with Dathomir they must be turned over to us. Understand Aguma is my home world, this point I will not change.

In other respects this treaty is aceptable, however, the military Council and the Chief are responsible for the final desicion.

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