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*Cracken smiled, and warmly shook Flaxs' hand. Flax looked startled for a bit. Odd to see a Sith Lord be so polite........ almost unverving. Yet, Cracken was sincere.*

Very well. *He took the Holopad, and redrew the outlining territories and worlds*

I'll have my Moffs of those sectors move out immediatly. *He nodded to one of the Royal Guards to do this. the Guard nodded, and started to speak into a comlink*

I look forward to the Senate and the Chief of State approving this.

((OOS: EVeryone should probably look over this version, as it will most likely be the final. Blue is Republic Worlds, Red is Imperial, Neon Green is Neutral, Orange is the Seperatist Territory, whom have threatened to seperate from the EMpire, and the Grey oulines the Loyalists, who have asked for Imperial Protection and have loyalty to the Palpatine line)).

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