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((OOS: Scar: Young Irvine should be the one in control, otherwise there was no point to merging them, remember? ^.^

The events of NJO could not have happened anyway, because
Ithor is apparently still intact.

Jokemaster: There aren't any Rebels anymore, just so you know - this is set 20+ years after Return of the Jedi. btw, you're so close to Irvine that anyone Force-sensitive in the area would mistake your power for part of his - unless you ran into Irvine himself))

*The man from the bar peers around the corner at Chavo, stalking him*

I recognize that guy's face. He's got a Remnant bounty on his head. What's he doing nosing around at an Imperial spot like this? ...and I know I know his name, I just can't place where I know him from.

*Inside the Imperial building, two stormtroopers in dust-colored armor turn and point their blasters at the intruder. Behind them, an officer rises* I don't think you're authorized to be in here. Identify yourself, please.


*In the Imperial council meeting room, one of several holocams starts broadcasting the meeting between Cracken and Flax directly to the main viewscreen overlooking the long table where the members were seated. Outrage is being expressed on the part of many*

Jun Tarl: *stands up and yells in outrage* Lord Cracken has betrayed us! I will watch this no longer. I move for a vote of no confidence in Lord Cracken as Head of the Council!

Haksh Galen: Councilman Tarl, you must realize Lord Cracken will not stand for being replaced...

Beron Ghenn: *stands up as well* Then I move for a vote to split ourself from Cracken's pathetic Loyalist group! We are the true Empire, and we will make no deals with an imposter government!

*another councilman* He is a Lord of the Sith! What chance do we have to oppose him?

Ghenn: He is WEAK! What Lord of the Sith makes deals and cedes control of the majority of the galaxy to a rebel government?

Tarl: He would relinquish all our hard-fought gainings on a whim! What kind of leader is that, may I ask?

*Farran Darkholme remains silent, observing. Waiting to make his move, if it was necessary...*

((OOS: Anyone else, feel free to play any Imperial Council members you want [except preexisting characters belonging to others of course]))

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