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*Doors bursts open as Ivan Cracern walks in to the Council Chamber. he walks up to the table where the Imperial councilman meet.*

Ivan: "Sorry im Late..."

Ravan: "Better late then never..."

*A few Councilman chuckle here and there. the Ivan pounds his hand on the table.*

Iran in a serious tone: "This actions of the Lord has gone too far." *Taking a glance at one of the main holocoms. then points at the image...* "My fellow councilman! Do you see this? When the rest of the Empire sees this they will think that our leader is weak and not as forecomming, especally as nearly finishing a war with the New Republic which would have re-assured the Empires Firm grip in this galaxy!"

Ravan: "Regaurdless of how much i fully give out my support to you Ivan, but you must know that plenty of people are tired of war. The support of a defection may not be possible, unless we find some way of reenforcing that support amoung the Navy and Military..."

Councilman Marcus Spartain: "I concor on that, perhaps if we find a new 'compedent' leader?"

Ravan: "Of course, but that goes back to the point that Councilman Galen stated about Cracken wouldn't never woudl allow to be replaced..."

Ivan: "The reason for my lateness is because I've just recived reports from our spies whom sense Jedi activity throughout that galaxy, and they stated that a close relitive of the Lord of the Sith has shown himself as a possible 'super-power' in the force, Something that hasn't been felt in the longest time, and nearly possitively more power then the Lord himself. Currently we are having a search on any files on this 'relitive'. Any questions on that motive?"


*Irvine guns his shuttle into obit and breaks off into hyperspace immetately.*

Irvine: 'First things first, I must control all of my powers. a little more is not going to cut it...'

*Irvine starts meditating...*
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