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*Kioet lands his ship in a docking bay, lowers the ramp, then moments later flies out of the cargo bay on speeder bike, just as the ramp closes, Kioet presses a button on his remote, activating every single security defense on the ship.*

Kioet: "Time to make a real profit, this one is NOT getting screwed up."

*minutes later Kioet floors his speeder bike through the streets of mos eisely and comes to a stop at the cantina*

Kioet: "That wasn't too bad, now to find someone that's a Jedi.."

*Kioet walks into the cantina, and up to the bar*

Kioet: "Bartender, I would like a nice warm cup of Caffa, and

*Bartender gets him a nice warm cup of Caffa*

Kioet: "Thank you so much."

*Kioet hands the bartender a few credits, then walks around, looking at everyone, trying to determine who would most likely be a Jedi. Kioet then gives up, and heads back to the bartender*

Kioet in low voice: "You wouldn't happen to have any Jedi in here, would you?"

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