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*Cracken is sitting in the command chair of the Super Star Destroyer Titan, at his side, Grand Admiral Tojo. Coruscant was in the view port, glowing with an incandecent glow.*

So, it has begun. *Cracken looked at Tojo* How many left?

Tojo: 1/3 of the fleet. They felt that this was an outrage to your father. half the Army has either jumped ship, or deserted.

Pity. Well, when the Councel does break away, if they do not declare war outright, i want to send a delegation. Most likely it will be a suicide mision, but i'd rather try to solve this diplomatically. Position the fleet in a defensive formation around all the outlying planets which will be closest to the Seperatist planets. i want to take no chances.

Tojo: Sir.

*tojo walked away giving orders through to the fleet. Cracken wlaked off the bridge and into his private sanctum. he keyed the comlink to Starr*
Well, Starr, have you found her?

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