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Yago Unconciscous: In his dream, a figure of himself appears.

Yago: Hey what the sithspi---*slap!* OWWWWW!!
Yago ???: Fool! You got taken out by a force pansy!?? First you got kicked out of the NR, and now a force pansy?!?

Yago: That force pansy was very strong........

Yago ???: To you maybe. What happened to your trump card? The DZZ99( Double Zeta Zypher 99) explosives? Why didn't you put them into your explosives launcher and level the **** out of that place? Or rather why didn't you use your experimental pack?!?!

Yago: The explosives launcher would've been seen....And the Full Vernier Booster Pack isn't finished yet...Besides, it's too fast for me to handle, even with the inertia decompensator.....

Yago ???: Then train in the Jedi Academy place thing! And you could've planted the explosives outside and blow it up!

Yago: Well, even if I did join the academy, it's too late now. That ****y Sith ******* is probably gonna convert me or something. And yes, I should've planted the explosives, if I wanted to suicide!!

Yago ???: Still! You should've seen it coming! You should've learned the ways of the force when your family revealed it to you! You deny too much......*recalls when he lied to the Jedi Master*

Yago: But............

Yago ???: No buts, wuss! *Slap*

Yago: *Wakes up* OWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!*Sees himself floating in a container, and another heading to a shuttle*

Yago: OH ****!!!!!!!!

OOC: The dream cannot be picked up by Jedi or Sith, due to inner force ability to alter mind.

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