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((OOS: Battledog, we can't really jump 18 hours ahead into the future while Deac's fighting.))


*Security forces rush to investigate the disturbance created by Lokiphet*


[Imperial Council Chamber]

*The Council chamber is thrown into an uproar by Reletha's dramatic entrance*

Jun Tarl: I second the motion to vote! Cracken has betrayed us!

Tres Kierniena: I nominate Ivan Cracern for the leadership of this council, in Cracken's place!

Beron Ghenn: What? We want the leadership of an outdated general who wastes time investigating "power in the Force?"

Fennon Ternisun: Hear hear! Cracern is not a Jedi nor Sith! What does he have to offer us that will replace Lord Cracken's power?

Chairman: Order! Will anyone second the nomination of Ivan Cracern for head of the Supreme Imperial Council?

*Farran makes his move. He rises* I would like to move for a different nomination. I nominate...Reletha Darkstar for head of the Imperial Council, in Cracken's place!

Ternisun: I second the motion.

Chairman: Motion moved and seconded. Will anyone second the nomination of Ivan Cracern?


*Starr's head snaps down as his comlink buzzes*

Starr: Master...I'm sorry, I sensed something extraordinarily strange in the Force. I don't understand it. I've never felt anything like it before... I did find the girl. She is in the company of a Halren Flax, son of Space Marshal Talkin Flax...of course you remember him?

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