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*Sophae sighs, then a sharp crack, like glass breaking can be heard.*

Sophae: Your sabers are now useless, the crystals are shattered.

*At this point Hal re-enters, along with a platoon of troops and repeater guns.*

*The repeaters make short work of the storm troopers*

Hal: That was the only transport to get through the defences. We've reppeled or destroyed the rest of the strike force, it was only a small unit.

We've tracked their point of origan, I'm assembling a team now. Anyone like to come?

Sophae: Hal, this one *gestures to Ivrine* is staying here.

Hal: I tried to warn you kid, I'll leave you to my mother's tender graces.

((OSS: Remember, this is a fortres, not an outpost. The only way troops could get in would be if there were 20 transports.))

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