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@jokemaster: Sry to mess up your posts, by why in the hell would ANY imperial meetings of any sort be recorded? or be watches via video?

@deac: Irvine tried to talk to relethaa while ago...

Ravan: "I have to side with Ivan, i motion my vote for him."

Ivan quickly stepping in: "However the presence of Reletha here in these chambers is prohibited, and her begin acknowledged as a possible candidage for surprime council shall be only granted to an current council member. Guards take her out of here... She should have never have been here. And as for my possibility for becoming Surprime Council, I have to side with both, No, my term in this council is about to end regaurdless if I will be granted a new term of being held here as a council member as surprime council, however Yes, i have valuable information regaurding our 'Sith Lord' that has been kept secret to all but 4 people, The Sith Lord, his apprentice, myself, and someone who pretains to this secret."

*guards take reletha clamy out of the chamers*

Which could well be played out in our favor if im elected to a term as Surprime Council. May I remind you that this has been the first time since it has been declared as top serect information has been mentioned. I'll let your all decide if or if not I shall release my information to you all, depending on what ever or not im elected."

Marcus: "okay, Lets hear it!! I third the motion for Ivan for surprime council!"

*Ivan smirks for his allies in the council voting for him...*
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