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Gulltop: Sir I detect gun fire. Also it Orthos and possible the others are approaching our position. Should I lower the ramp?

*Heimdall considers this for a moment*

Heimdall: Yes lower the ramp, I feel that they may be needed shortly. Dispatch a message to home. It will read.

Urgent, found something Vidar needs to look at. However I probably will have the guests that I transported before. Will head to a nuetral place and await instructions.


Sent message.

Gulltop: Message sent.

*Boarding ramp is lowered*

Heimdall to Marin and Aidan: My brother may now what this means. I can take you to him so we can solve this mystery. However, the imperial republic is invading this planet. Time is very short. You need to decide. Trust me a little and we can try and solve this mystery, or leave and take your chances with the imperials.

I will not stop you one way or the other, but you must be quick.

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