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*The sun is starting to come up the horizon. Al OgThar raises his gigantic hammer, and with his orcish strengh, comes crushing down a human shield. The human behind the shield points his sword and runs toward OgThar. The orc swings his hammer upward, hitting the human's arm, and then finnishes him with his axe on his left hand. Al places back his hammer and his axe on his back and adjusts his ponytail.*

Some townspeople that woke with the battle sound are now grouped around the orc, affraid but curious. Orcs dont usually appear alone in a human town.

"You humans arent as tough, as strong and as smart as you claim to be." Shouts OgThar to the townspeople. "And we orcs arent as stupid and as brutish as you humans entitle us. If those cityguards hadnt attacked me, i would have killed them. I was raised by humans, and i liked the humans, i believed in peace. But it seems that is not an alternative to you."

A brave soul shouts, "your people have slayed and enslaved our people for generations!"

"And so have your people! Its called war! And all creatures in this land must get ready for more war. Humans, elves, ogres, even the orcs. Something is... different."

An elf agrees, "he is right, something is different. Animals have been migrating to the west since the first night with fullmoon."

Suddenly, loud battle noises come from one of the more isolated houses of the village. When they get to the house, it is surrounded by dark elves archers.


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