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((@jokemaster: Why would the feed extend to Tatooine? Maybe you just got access codes from there, or something?))

Beron Ghenn: Abuse of power! Cracern will not blackmail this council into electing him as Supreme Chancellor! I third the motion for the daughter of Council member Syrnl Darkstar for Head of the Council!

Jun Tarl: But she is not a current member of the council. Her father may have been, but how can she prove she is the eldest of his lineage?

Chairman: According to Imperial Council records, Syrnl Darkstar had two children, and no other information was provided to us about them. We only know that Reletha Darkstar was one of them.

*Farran speaks again* Lady Darkstar, in the absence of your brother or sister, how will you prove your claim to eldest?

*Farran smiles secretly*

((OOS: Deac, I assume Lokiphet's existence was kept secret, but he still has the DNA relation to Syrnl...))

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