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((Scar, if you want to be arrested, state that your post happened before Battledog stated they were dead. Maybe Irvine ran off during the fracas. But you HAVE to make it fit.


And by the way: "Guy" is a Shadow. You'll see why he is trying to help in a moment))

*Guy grabs Orthos* Wait! D... *Guy's head pangs and he drops his hand. A vision forms before his eyes. Someone...a levitating figure holding a...strange pronged lightsword...lands in front of Orthos. The two argue, but the pain prevents him for hearing. Guy forces himself to concentrate.

The mysterious figure projects another dark, smoke-like being. Guy can practically feel the evil emanating from it. Orthos shouts some more.

Then in one swift motion, the figure impales a startled Orthos and splits him in half.

The vision vanishes in a streak of light.

The figure from the vision lands in front of Orthos and ignites his saber.

Figure: Hello, little brother.

Orthos: *looking shocked, as in the vision* What?

Lokpihet: Haven't seen you since you were just born. Father had me sent off to be trained as a sith the moment he saw you had the birthmark. But recently...*holds out his hand* This came along...and then...*the being appears* So did he...

Guy: NO! *Guy leaps over Orthos' head, his suit letting him move faster and jump higher than humanly possible. Lokiphet slashes at him with his saber, but Guy catches the blade with his gloved hand and shoves it away. Before a startled Lokiphet can react, Guy kicks him in the face*


Above the planet, two Star Destroyers emblazoned with the Imperial Republic seal emerge from hyperspace. Assault transports head towards the base below.

Two Victory Star Destroyers emerge a few seconds later, also bearing seals. The third SD comms the first and second, announcing they've been sent to assist.

Underneath the 'skin' of the "Victory Star Destroyers", two block shaped ships float. They sport extendable arms which are pressed to their sides to form a V shape. The "VSDs" head towards the planet's atmosphere, releasing their own "assault transports".


Marin: *hesitates and looks at Aidan*

Aidan: *hears blaster fire and answers reluctantly* He's telling the truth...there's some kind of firefight going on out there.

Marin: I don't know if I should be trusting you...but I will. Take us to your brother.

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