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Ivan to Ralatha: "Okay, but the only TRUE person whom shall be surprime counilman shoudl be the one whom has linage to the sith lord himself... His name is Irvine Samuel Cracken, our records show that he's 23 standard glactic years of age, approx 5'11", and has heir to the throne. So regaurdless whom you are a child of Darkstar, the child of Cracken has higher athority in the matter, and I did have herd reports that he is on his way here..."

*while at the same time Irvine's shuttle lands at the Council HQ and still giving out as much power as so he chooses...*

Ivan continueing: "And lets not forget that Cracken is the Son of Palatine, regaurdless of whom we are today opposing of. I repeact Cracken because i knew him for all to long, but when i create my moves agenst him, I do it honestly. And not for senceless power, unlike you whom stands here today craving it, about to kill me and anyone else in this room whom ever disagrees with you, Lady Reletha. Before you declare any power, you shall seek the heir first hand. Now get out of my face, you have no say in this meeting..."

jsut wiat deac, reletha will her her chance ^_~

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