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Re: Survivor Director's Cut Week 4

Originally posted by DarthEggplant
however since all pc games are meant
to be played, all movies meant to be
seen etc...what is the point of being
say a band since oh circa 1969 if no one
has heard of you or can commercially buy your artistic endeavours?
I think you're talking about the residents. Sure they're pretty underground, but their cult fan base is pretty huge. just go to ANY cd store in San Fransisco. That's all their fans right there that are paying WAY too much for a house and pushing WAY too hard their bicycles(if you've ever been there you'd get it.)

Also Gendo (and Darth) for Copala, lets not forget the Koyaanisqatsi or Poyaqatsi or Nayaqqatsi (though that isn't out yet)

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