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New strategy

Okay, time for a new one to be put up.

I was replaying the game, and when I first entered the sheild generator room and looked at the power cables surrounded by their own sheilds, I almost threw my saber to destroy the cable shields when I thought for a moment, and threw my saber at the cable itself to see what would happen. Turns out, the saber actually passes through the cable's shield and destroys the cable. I realize that I now have a virtually indestructable rafter and do the same to the other three cables.

Galak shows up and begins to gloat, Kyle destroys the main ships shield generator and the fight begins. Here, just use any weapon with a decent ammout of splash damage, especially the DEMP 2 gun's secondary fire on a full charge(Yes, it charges! Just like the Bryar.).

Once his sheilds are down, choose whatever way is easiest for you to destroy his personal shield generator, then, before he gets pissed, in the moment of distraction, jump up onto your virtually indestructable rafter and rejoice, because even when he uses his electricity attack, he only aims two dimensionally, never up! And everything else can either be blocked with the saber, the pillar sitting next to you, or a timed push. Eventually he will reach a far distance from you(if not there already) and stand in one spot using the forementioned attack only. AI bug? Yeah, probably, but its also fun to sit there and take him out at your leisure. Lightning, DEMP 2, Disruptor, Saber, everything without splash damage, etc. all work well (except for the Grip, which for some reason doesn't effect him). Also, while your up there and he's down there electricuting the walls like a dumbass, you have a great chance to heal up and regain your precious Force power.

This was done with the v1.04 patch.

Note to LucasArts: If you guys are reading this, you may want to fix Fyarr's AI and let him fight against this, or maybe make the cable shields impenatrable so that the cable's sheild generators HAVE to be destroyed(just an idea for an improvement).

Note to people wondering about differences between play modes: I haven't noticed much difference between Jedi and Jedi Knight, except for the first four levels being slightly harder.

Addendum: Make sure you save enough power for your Push after you get up on the force field rafter, because can and will launch a secondary fire from his repeater and that attack is quite capable of destroying the small shield generator that makes your precious rafter or else you'll find yourself in a world of hurt real fast.

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