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<a voice whom sorce cannot be located>: "Your question? Bah! Who cares about your question. And as for Cracken and only death shall have him be removed, I'll take care of that department... ha ha ha ha ha..."

*Ivan being not ever seated in his chair, now filled by Irvine*

L Irvine: "I'll take him off the throne. And as soon as my powers fully develop, no one in this universe can stop me, with or with out you all, considerit a favor. What do you think?" *looks up to another person perched up above, standing on a well supported light fixture, resebling a black haris Irvine...*

D Irvine: "Heh heh heh heh, Thats just about correct there. And with all these abilities we share, theres not even a single jedi whom can touch us. Even now."
*The second Irvine glances over at the door, to look at a third Irvine standing behind Reletha, and leaning up agenst the closed doors.*

O Irvine: "And especally when you think it was safe to go outside and leave your doors unlocked. HA!"

*The three Irvines jump and land on the table refusing together back into the single complete Irvine as before.*

M Irvine: "Lets make a deal. Do what I say and I'll give you all the power back where it should be, the Empire how it was before and during the Galatic civil war, plus your presious Council. Decline and you all die here now. No voting, just a clear yes or no. Don't worry about my father. I already have plans for him..."

[color=red][i]Just another ability that he's got (I thought of it quite a while ago, and just wanted to use it for once ^_^)
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