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*Farran smiles* And that, gentlemen and ladies, is what brings us to our next question: How to balance the power of a leader which is a Lord of the Sith?

*Farran snaps his fingers, and the doors fly open. Seven men in deep black suits stepped in the chamber, armed with long black rifles. Six of them sport white insignias on their chests, while the central figure wears a bright red symbol. Their faces were masked by green visors and spidery black breather masks, and black skull helmets. A tall figure in a scientist's gray coat stands behind them*

Farran: Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Imperial Scientist Artemis Omicron?

*Omicron steps forward* Ladies and gentlemen of the Imperial Council, I present here the culmination of the efforts of the Vanguard Project. *motions to the black-suited figures* These are only a few of the Vanguard Elite warriors. They are equipped with the very latest weapons technology, also incorporating the new technology of LDT - limited dimensional teleportation - that was tested by dedicated Imperial scientists during the recent civil war between the Empire and the New Republic. Their development was begun before the Galactic Civil War, but was sadly halted by the efforts of the Jedi Knights.

The reason for this? My Vanguards are completely immune to the power of the Force.

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