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Originally posted by milestone
To get an ally to turn on me I just have to choke them a tiny bit.

Also, it's pretty damn funny turning the enemies on each other. Spawn a couple of enemy jedis and use that edited mind control so you overtake the character. Start slashing at the enemy (or just jump on them) but run away so you don't kill them, or they don't kill you. After a while the mind control will have ended but they still attack each other. The thing is, enemies can't hurt each other so they'll keep on battling forever. Now spawn a couple more and some will join automatically, some you'll have to engage. Slow the game down the around .3 using the "timescale" console command and you have your own grunge battle royale. Looks particularly cool in the Pit level with about 15 enemies battling it out with each other.
Actually enemies can kill each other. It just takes forever, at least if they have lightsabers. ^_^

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