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*Irvine disapears and reapears infont of the scientist with a lightsaber ignited at his neck.*

Irvine: "I only knocked them out... I am faster, stronger, and far more powerful then any jedi nor sith that has ever been completey documented, on the side of my old friend Ken'atra, which may I add where both born on the same planet, bot thats history. What ever you try to throw at me it won't even leave your fingers, gentlemen."

*Irvine grins at Omicron at the thought of decapitating Omicron.*

Irvine: "The experiment failed. And don't make me use my powers on anyone of you, cus that'll be your fatal mistake."

Ivan: "Well, look at you killer, and to think what would you mother think of you now?"

Irvine: "You of all people know that she's dead."

Ivan: "Very well then."

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