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Base loud speaker: ImpRep Capital ships have exited Hyper Space. *Repeat.*

Hal: *Into comlink.* Order the IndependanceII to attack under cloak!



Class: MC-85d Dreadnaught.

Length: 10.5km

Shield: 30,000 SBD

Hull: 15,600 RU

Armerment: 40 Heavy Quad Guns, 100 Duel Turbo Lasers, 100 Light Quad Laser Cannons, 20 Heavy Duel Ion Cannons, 60 Turbo Ion Cannons.

Starfighter Complimant: 3 Wings of 72 Fighters.

Speed: 20 MGLT

Acceleration: 6 MGLT/sec

Manuverability: 20 DPF

Cloak: One way cloak, uses same technolagy a Sith Infiltrator.


Sophae: *Sigh.* You just don't get it!

*A wall of fire appears infont of Ivrine, then anothe to the left, the right, then the rear and finally a roof.

Sophae: You're staying here.

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