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((OOS: No. You can't knock them out either. They're new characters, and you CANNOT make a decision to create their strengths and weaknesses. That is godmode.

Speaking of which, cut the magic powers, please. You wouldn't get such powers from merging one powerful Force user with another weaker one. Doesn't add up.

Vanguards, btw, are armored and shielded. Top of the line, remember? How do you know they aren't invulnerable to sabers, or can use the Force themselves?))

*Starr takes out his saber but does not ignite it* So, a Jedi like your father. Calm yourself. I do not mean either of you harm.

*emerges from the shadows* I have come for you, Miss Alys'Shera.


*as Irvine places his saber to Omicron's throat, the Vanguards train their weapons on him*

Omicron: If you kill me, they'll turn your body to ashes on the floor...

Chairman: Order! Order!

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