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*Alys, hearing the new "Jedi's" want, became afraid. thoughts of her mother floated to her head. She drew her blasters at inhuman speed. Starr took notice. perhaps his master was right not to underestimate... who ever she was.*

Why do you want me? Tell me and i might not blast you to pieces.
*Sithspit, he was a JEDI. Even Jengo Fett and his son Boba couldn't beat a Jedi. what could SHE do? One word crossed her mind..... run.

And she did. she took off at blinding speed, shocking Hal and Starr. Nobody could run that fast, unless they were trained in the Force......*

((OOS: Note, Alys uses alot of her powers out of fear or need, not of concious thought. She can't control it, most of it's instinctual.))

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