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I'm bumping this thread to explain something that might be used in the RPG called the Eye of Odin.

According to the Gargoyles universe, the Eye of Odin is a magical artifact created from Odin's left eye.

The Eye of Odin revealed the innermost self of its wearer, transforming the wearer physically (and usually mentally) into an exaggerated version of that innermost self. It also granted appropriate mystical abilities to its wearer.

Xanatos: Wait. This situation (sigh) is out of my control. I thought I could handle it, but... The creature you saw? It's Fox. She's been affected by the jewel she wears. Legend says the Eye of Odin is supposed to endow the wearer with power and insight. I had no idea it had metamorphic capabilities.

Goliath: Perhaps it can give you some insight into Fox's real character. It seems to have made her more like herself.

Eye of the Beholder, Gargoyles
In the case of a mercenary named Fox, it granted her Eye-created form superhuman strength, speed and agility. It also almost killed her by accelerating her metabolism until she couldn't eat enough to power it.

(to see above pic, go here first)

A sorceror named the Archmage gained vast mystical power, and minimal physical transformation.

(to see above pics, go here first)

When the gargoyle Goliath donned the Eye of Odin in order to keep it away from Odin himself, it granted all those powers granted to the Archmage and Fox, making him into a god-like being, but corrupted his protective instinct to make him a tyrant.

Goliath, eventually, voluntarily gave up the jewel after he recognized that it had corrupted him. Odin replaced the jewel in his left eye socket, its original place. It transformed back to his left eye, and granted him his full power again.

(both Odin pics above from here (must go there first))

(Obviously that backstory stuff won't apply to the RPG. I'm just listing source material for reference. ^_~)

The eye had two drawbacks. One, it was difficult to remove, giving painful shocks of energy to any who try to do so (including the wearer). And second, it corrupted the personality of its wearer (except Odin himself).

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