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*Starr glances at Hal, and before the Jedi can react, Starr leaps up onto the rooftop level of the buildings above and races along, paralleling the street below, until he is running side by side Alys, except above her head.

She's using the question. But she's no Jedi... Starr extended his hand and created an illusion. His Force techniques were designed to alter people's perceptions from the outside in, not directly affecting the mind...hence this interesting girl, even if a Force adept as he suspected, would have hardly any chance of seeing through the vision. She wouldn't feel any interference in her mind, and thus not question the idea.

Alys sees a duracrete wall appear almost out of nowhere directly in her path*


*Farran narrows his eyes* Really? You came without a thought of harming anyone?

*motions to security droid, who plays back:* "Do what I say and I'll give you all the power back where it should be, the Empire how it was before and during the Galactic Civil War, plus your precious Council. Decline and you all die here now."

*Farran smiles* If Omicron's Vanguards hadn't come in at that precise moment, would I not be a corpse right now, Irvine Cracken?

*to the Vanguards* See to it that Irvine does not use us as guinea rats in his next 'learning experience'.

Red-Insigniaed Vanguard: *in a modulated voice through the slitted mask* Yes sir. *two Vanguards move to flank Irvine, the others keeping withing safe firing distance.

Farran glances at Ivan. He hadn't missed the undertones of Irvine's quick conversation with him. It was only confirming what he already knew...suspected*

Farran: And now, to Lady Darkstar: Do you have an answer for my question?

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