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Classified NRI Data Entry: Slayne, Darth.

Name: Darth Slayne.
Race: Human.
Age: Unknown.
Planet of birth: Unknown.
Last known contact: Thedonias.

Appearance: All accounted descriptions of Darth Slayne state that he is of thin build and pale of complexion. He is known to be 1.88 meters in height, with long blond hair. Perhaps the most distinguishable feature about him is the unnatural yellow-red coloration of his eyes.

History: Darth Slayne was thought to have been killed during the climactic battle between the Jedi and the Sith on the plains of Russan over 2000 years ago. However, reported sightings of this elusive Sith Lord have turned up on several occasions over the past two millennia, including one complete autopsy report which had mysteriously been lost soon after it was entered into Old Republic Data bases. Recent events on the planet Thedonias have uncovered new evidence to indicate that Darth Slayne may yet still be alive and in the service of the Emperor and his Sith academy. If the reports from the late Reb Starblazer are to be believed, Slayne may in fact be a rare type of clone capable of transferring his soul into an empty replica of himself in the event of death. Though this has yet to be proven, NRI experts in the field are confident that such a feat is impossible and should be considered a mere myth. Observations from Obi-Wan13 indicate that Darth Slayne is a man torn by utter hatred and grief, and may be irrevocably lost to any hope of redemption.

Notes: Darth Slayne is suspected to be working for the Emperor in the field of intelligence and counterintelligence. He may also have been behind several high profile assassinations in the last 2000 years. It is also believed that he may have played a leading role in the recent death of Reb Starblazer.

Known Equipment: Darth Slayne’s apparent weapons of choice are a pair of red light sabers. Little is known as to the function of his sophisticated wrist computer however, it is to be assumed that it may be a highly advanced form of espionage equipment.

Known Transport: All that is known about Slayne’s personal ship, Stygian Wraith, is that it appears to be equipped with some form of scrambling device that renders it almost undetectable by electronic means. Visual detection is also difficult due to the black hull plating. Known armament at this time appears to be comprised of several rapid fire blaster cannon and tracking mine launchers located at the stern of the vessel. Extreme caution is advised when encountering this ship.

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