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*Hal waves his hand, the wall disapears, he runs after Aly.*

*Hal catches up to her, he explains in a rush.*

He's a Sith, his name is Starr. He'll try and use the force to trick you. I think we need to get you out of here!


*The meeting was now in progress, with the prelims out of the way they could get down to the core issue.

Ackbar: Even now, with this treaty the Empire cannot be trusted. We must fortify our borders against attack.

Cracken: Our agents and listening posts confirm what the Sith lord says. The Empire is essentially split in two, with the Emperor's Remenant currently pursuing only peace with us. The other faction, the Seperatists is essentially composed of the hardcore Warlords and stuboon, burroctrats.

Madine: The same Empire we've been fighting for 30 years!

Flax: Yes, but they have now regained a large portion of their holdings.

Ackbar: Yes, they are now capable of mounting a meening full offensive.

Madine: We need to strike at the Seperatists, now!

Flax: Agreed, however I suggest we concentrate on the divide between the Remenant and the Seperatists. Admiral?

Ackbar: Deploy the 3rd and 1st Fleets, prepare for an offensive. Attach the IndependanceII.

*slight gasp.*

Cracken: Sir, is that wise, If we were to lose her it would be a major blow to moral.

Ackbar: I will personally lead this Campaign. Space Marshal Flax, Shift more of the elite Squadrons onto the Independance.

Flax: I'll get to work on it write away.

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