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Just a couple of things about Odin's Eye (the links provide some errors in the myth)

The actual myth has Odin going to the well of knowledge guarded by Mimir. To drink from the well Odin had to give up an eye. There was not a specified eye. This is because all knowledge requires some sacrifice. (Example: To learn you must give up time that could be used for something else). Odin gladly did it and plucked out an eye then drank from the well. Where he gain vast knowledge, and became sad and gloomy since he knew how the world was going to end. Yet he never regretted his scarifice. He then crafted his spear from a branch above the well. After gaining knowledge he sought out the most wise of the giants, disquised as a wanderer. They then started a contest of wits. First the Giant, Vafthrudnir ask Odin a serious of questions. Odin quickly answered them all correctly. Then it was Odin's turn. He asked the Giant a serious and the Giant got them all correctly. Odin finally asked the Giant want did Odin say to Balder. The giant couldn't answer and the myths ends, there. (it is not known whether Odin took the giants head). Odin then hung himself upside down from Yggdrasil for nine days and nights to learn the magical runes. During this time he pierced himself with his own spear.
That said (I don't like errors). My character Odin does have one eye and like many things follows Norse mythology, to a point.

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