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((OOS: Jokemaster, you're on Tatooine, not the planet where the Imperial Council is the guards will be taking you offplanet. You better have an important-sounding backstory

@BattleDog: lol @ using the actual Cmdr. Cracken))

*Chavo's stalker stares as the guards lead Chavo out of the building* They're taking him to the Imperial Council? Why? What's so important about him?

*The guards lead Chavo towards an Imperial shuttle with official markings. Chavo's stalker makes up his mind...he's going to follow them. He slips up behind the shuttle - conveniently, he was already dressed as a mechanic - and is furtively attaching a tracking device to the side of the shuttle when a hand lands on his shoulder*


*Starr lands in front of Hal, saber ignited* Impressive. Your father never had the prowess to see through one of my illusions. Fighting you would be an interesting a later time, that is.

*Starr fades from Hal's sight. He was never actually there.

The actual Starr stood in front of Aly's disabled ship* You shouldn't be so frightened. I am not here to harm you. I'm here to take you to...someone who wants to see you.


Farran: I care only for the good of this Council. *smiles* The Vanguards shall only be used to keep the balance of power intact. The days of Vader are over, my friends. No Sith will again be able to engineer a power play based on the threat of the Force.

Unless, of course, they go through me.

Not only that, but those intolerable Jedi will soon fall once again if they dare stand in our way.


*Lokiphet is suddenly pulled backwards by a glow of light blue energy, and his slash misses Deac's body. Behind the Sith, Termand Rwos ignites his lightsword*

Rwos: Looks like I got here just in time. Hello Deac. *looks at Lokiphet* I don't believe we've met.

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