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*Alys sighed in vexation. Screw it. Just go with it. She jumped out of the cockpit, and walked to the Sith*

Someone, eh? your master? The EMperor? I know of you, now that i think of it, the HoloNet showed you and your master recently as one of the Galaxies most wanted, but with the treaty, they took you two off. You guys even Had Skywalker spooked, which is hard to do.

*She stuck her hands out. Might as well go out on a limb and see what this Emperor wanted*

Take me to your leader. *She smirked*

Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Titan, Cracken was reading the latest reports from look out statins he had around his territory, and a few hidden in the Republic's. There fleet was moving, very agressivly, toward the Seperatists. he mused for a second, and Tojo walked in, and gave a military bow*

Tojo, have the com send Starr a message to his ship, that we're at the Bilbringi Shipyards. Have him bring our guest to the Titan.

We're going to Bibringi to oversee the final outfits of the Super Star Destroyer Vengence, is she staffed and fully operational?

Tojo: Yessir, but she lacs a captain.

*Cracken mused, and smiled*

We'll fix that. Enter hyperspace as soon as the com is sent.

Tojo: Sir.

*WIth tat, tojo spoke to a com link,and Starr's ship had new rendevoux co-ordinates. The mighty warship entered hyperspace, leaving the crown jewel of the Galaxy, Coruscant behind.*

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