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*More stormtroopers flood the area*

Stormtrooper One: In the name of the Imperial Republic, you are all under arrest!

*Guy yells to the others as he and Orthos run by* Get out of here now or you're all dead!

Raschel: What? *fires another shot at the stormtroopers before following Orthos and Guy* How do you know?

*Guy jumps into Gulltop and looks around hurridly. He spots Heimdall and yells* You! Heimdall! Leave immediately! The Shadows will destroy you if you stay!

Raschel: The shadows?

Guy: *looking out at the sky* Just go! *Guy leaps out of the ship and runs, disappearing into the maze of buildings on the base*

*Misae halves a rocket-armed stormtrooper and grabs the launcher, firing at the ground. The closest stormtroopers scatter from the explosion, and Misae leaps onto Gulltop's ramp*

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