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*Heimdall and casually turns around*

Heimdall: Hello Guy, nice to see you. I was just planning on leaving. Goodbye.

*Guy leaves*

Heimdall to Raschel: If you please sit down, I'll explain it on the way to our destination.

Heimdall: Gulltop please patch me into the bases com unit. Oh, and you may start killing the Stormtroopers at your convience.

*to the surprise of those upboard, Gulltop answers*

Gulltop: Yes lord. You may speak when every you are ready.

Heimdall into the com: Irvine Cracken, Sophea Flax, and Hal Flax report to Heimdall's Ship immediatly. Your lives, and possible the fate of the galaxy depend upon it. The ship is leaving in one minutes time. Alys if you would please dock with the ship either now or in space. However Now would be more convinent. That is all. Oh and I suggest you hurry.

*the com is shut down. Gulltop kills a few of the stormies approaching the ship*

Gulltop: Incoming message. I suggest you read it now.

Heimdall: Fine put it on a display.

Message reads:
Heimdall, time is of the essence. We have uncovered important scrolls. You and your companions must come here immediatly. It might be necessary to explain who you are. Be careful. Tyr

Heimdall to self: This has to be important then. Gulltop you know where we are heading start plotting a course. Like I said we leave in one minute. With or with out the others.

*Josine enters Gulltop*

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