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*Heimdall enters the Odin's office*

Heimdall: It has begun father. We have just recieved this report.

*Heimdall hands Odin the report. He reads it then gives it to Vidar who also reads it*

Odin: We knew this was going to happen. So they finally completed the Vanguard project. That should be interesting to watch.

Vidar: There were to Irvines and now they have combined, and looks like they want to challenge their father.

Heimdall: The New Republic is also launching the Independence II. It seems they may be a little spooked by this as well.

Odin: Monitor the situation. Rwos has a device to call us if our help is really needed. What about the Jotuns?

Heimdall: Normal ever once in a while they try to break free but are summarly destroyed.

Vidar: I wonder if the galaxy will ever know of what we do to keep their lands safe from that evil.

Odin: If we do our jobs right, they never will. At least not until Ragnarok.

Heimdall: Funny how they fight amoung themselves. So ignorant of the rest of the galaxy.

Odin: What do you say we find your mother and brother and get something to eat?

Vidar: Sure, I'm a little hungry anyways.

*Heimdall just nods. The three goes out to find Frigga and Tyr*

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