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latest sighting of Sithsniper has been on tatooine he was last sawn by a the husband of shimi anakin skywalkers mother. The husband witch name is unknown at present says: We saw him as Shimi me wife was picking mushrooms, he stopped next to the field and with great speed picked up shimi and was gone. We tryed to shoot out the speeder but we were to slow he was gone by the time we had fired the first shot.

Expert jedis are guarding the hotspots of tatooine and will try to track down Motig also known as Sithsniper.

Boba fett----Hey jango what say we go hunt some jedis.
Jango fett----umm what u say, yes ye yes in a minute i'm watching a good program on the T.V its about 2 jedis being huning down by two bounty hunters named, Jango and boba wett.
Boba fett----cool let me watch it

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