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*Alys walked through the spaceport, following the Sith apprentice. odd that he didn't place her in binders. oh well, more comfort for her.

They came to a standered Imperial Lambda Class shuttle, with the ramp open. The Imperial Royal Guard were standing vigil, and let them by. They came aboard, and the hatch closed. The Royal Guard took seats, each across from eachother, and sat.

Alys peered over the console. She wanted to know where she was going. Starr opend up his messages, and he entered in some co-ordinates, and lifted the shuttle off the ground, and headed for space.

Bilbringi. What where they gonna do at Bilbringi? She thought, and remembered a small bit of info she over heard in a cantina on Corellia, that the Imperial Loyalists were finishing a Super Star Destroyer. WHy would they need a Super Star Destroyer? Peace was achived.... unless........ a tought occured, that the Imperials might fight against eachother. not bad, more buisness for her.

She went to the back, ploped down on a seat, and eventually layed down.

and slept.*

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