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@deac, when i post text in bold white, i mean to speak through the force (my last post was ment going to reletha, but he never spoke the words)
scar's rpg charater useage
oss= red italics
normal talk = double quotes
thoughts = single quotes italics
via force = white in bold

Irvine survying the galaxy to himself quietly: "Hmm, it seems like there is quite the bit of activity going around in the universe. Deac Starkiller, expresses a fair amount of pain befgor his power fades slighty, mostly possibly due to him begin kocked or or something. My father left couresant, and his apprentice takes off with a border-line force adapt girl... Hmm, how interesting..."

Irvine turning to council: "I never ment to really take control, i jsut want my father dead, thats all. You dont want peace with the Republic nor do you want my fathers administration to continue. Reletha, you want to have a voice in the council or any power that you can recieve. And Councilman Farran, you only want the Jedi rubbed out of exsistence usign your Vangaurd prodject. So it seems like dispite that we all have different objectives, we are all not noticing that we are on the same damned page! Allow me and Reletha here take command of the Vanguard and the Military and Naval powers of whats left of this Empire under the guidence of the Council, and we will get rid of both my father and the republic while rejoining the Empire once again!"

Marcus: "Heh Yeah! 'bout time someone said something useful for ending all this crap envovling the treaty! My cote goes to Ivrines Idea! Woo Rah!"

Ravan: "Same goes for here."

Ivan: "Well seeing is that I damned know that I'm the only one who'd Irvine would listen to here. heh heh, I'll vote too. that makes three."

Ravan: "What do you mean about you only being the one he listens to?"

Ivan smirking: "Whats a good uncle for anyway?"

Marcus: "Well that explains why'd only you and Crack would know of his exsistence, but as far as I knew Cracken didn't have a brother..."

Ivan: "Yes, thats true, but he did have a brother-in-law. And I respected him. Reguardless or not that I didn't approve of the marrage, but still, I knew one way or another it wouldn't work out. Now look what i have to deal with now..." *sigh*

Irvine: *sigh* "Yes it's true... "

Ivan interupting: "Oh nevermind, I really wasnt all that involoved anyway to point that out"

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