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remember the course of finding the Time matrix and doign anything with it would have to use up 20 years, or else things would screw up with the elder Irvine in cantina 7 ^_^

*Irvine, sits on the floor inside his confined area, shortly after he barely hears Heimdall's comm.*

Irvine to Heimdall: It would be nice to come with, but our Jedi friend decided my emotions were too erratic to be trusted. Hmph.

*Irvine knocks on a wall.*

Irvine: "hey, keep it down out there. heh. Maybe I shoudl wait a few, and then I should just knock it down myself..." *shrugs*


Officer: "Councilman Ravan, the Victory Star Destoryers the fleet are..."

Ravan: "I know, order them to proceed with caution. They have Jedi among them, I can sense them, they cannot be trusted."
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